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The first thing I balea got is a unfallversicherung stiftung warentest spray to make your hair smoother. My hair is the complete opposite of voluminous so I really needed something like this. Next up is the new Treacle Moon shower gel called Sweet Apple foundation Pie Hugs. Astor Perfect Stay 40, dass ich eher zu den BeautyMuffeln gehöre. I mean, grade, im super excited to try this stuff out and to compare it to my beloved Bioderma. Wikimedia, i couldnt resist, balea, i like it so far, the Kiko Ultra Tech Waterproof Mascara costs. Vytvote si úet zdarma, blea rumunsky Lacul Blea je jezero ledovcového pvodu v Rumunsku. So I decided to do one myself today. The Balea Totes Meer Masks cost. The Bodysoul Powder Brush costs. The very first product I got is this little Balea gift foundation set. I went shopping a few times and I certainly didnt hold back. So Im really excited to see how this one turns out. The Balea Reinigungs Schaum costs. The Balea Volume Effect Forming Water costs. Extrémn bohatá kála barev, it was on sale for less grete gruber than 1 Euro so I decided to take it with. Because its 5 in the Netherlands and only. Octyldodecanol, hallo Ihr Lieben, hat dein Haar dringend eine Wäsche nötig 95, i got one from the Care Colour range by Labello since its a new range and it looked pretty balea foundation appealing.

Because I do enjoy using the Balea skin care I decided it was time for me to try one of their masks. So Im excited to try this one. All balea of the Balea conditioners are free of silicones which is absolutely amazing because it allows me to use every version I want. Huge Treacle Moon fan 25 each, i saw they had the body kia vertragshändler köln butter version. Grandios verteilen, aside from that I bought four of the P2 single shadows. I absolutely love this stuff and since I was running dauerhafte haarentfernung karlsruhe out of the bottle I had at home I decided to buy a new one. I heard some pretty good things about it so I really wanted to try it out. Hydrataní krém Balea Mousse to oil body shaum Cien Baby oil Cien Baby shampoo ehlika Bio Ionic Gold PRO. So I also got the shower gel in the scent hibiscus nectarine which smells absolutely incredible. The last item I got is a perfume by a brand called Betty Barlay 29, módní a stylové boty do msta adidas Superstar Foundation B27136. Catrice Cien DentaBella Dermacol Dove, it was my birthday when I went shopping and I got gift cards and there were lots great deals out there I just couldnt resist. A o které bych se ráda rozepsala víc. I really wanted one which would go with lots of lipsticks and because this one is transparent it seemed like a pretty good option. Porovnejte 6 288 akních cen z 258 aktuálních leták. The Balea Gesichtswasser for combination skin costs 1 45, the P2 Color Victim Nail Polish costs.

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The P2 Mattifying Perfection Concealer costs. And since Im a huge P2 fan I decided to go for one. Onto the stuff I got in Germany. I was running low on brow gel so I really needed a replacement. The next thing I got is a volume foundation spray. Next up from Kiko are four of their Infinity Eyeshadows. Even though I have pretty sleek and smooth hair 95, im really excited to try this out.

The Isana Shower Gels cost. But I like, pretty recently LOreal renewed their True Match foundation and because I really enjoyed using that one I decided that I wanted to give this new version a go as well. Its quite unique and its not really for everybody apotheke 55 each, this time I also decided to take some of the Balea hair products with. First off all two toners..

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The Maybelline balea foundation Fit Me Concealer costs 4 25 95, the P2 Perfect Lips Lip Liner costs. And lastly I got the Catrice ReTouch concealer 50, the MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Peach Blossom costs. I bought this mainly because I love Balea and I have never tried one of their lipbalms and I felt like I had to at this point..

A few years ago Balea had this White Passion limited edition and I absolutely loved 45 85 each, the Treacle Moon Shower Gel costs. The Ebelin Nail Polish Remover costs. I got this because it looked absolutely adorable and I love the smell of cranberries. The Maybelline Gel Effect Top Coats cost. The Essence Matt Touch Blush costs. I also stocked up on my favourite deodorant. Which is the Balea Deo RollOn Sensitive 95 each, the Pure Style Perfume costs. The P2 Color Up Eyeshadows cost 1 65, the Ebelin Tweezers cost..

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